Local with a commitment to Montana Agriculture.

AgFertilizers, Inc. of Montana is a distributor of AgXplore agricultural inputs meeting the needs of farmers and ranchers in Montana and the surrounding northwest states.

AgFertilizers distributes a quality line of nitrogen management aids,micronutrients, adjuvants, and utility products to aid the farming industry in maximizing their yield potential.

The Vaughan family farmed in Arkansas for four generations. They raised wheat, corn, rice and soybeans. Their fertilizer plan included using AgXplore on their farm. After moving out to Montana, the Vaughan’s started AgFertilizers, and began distributing AgXplore products in 2009 to the farmers, ranchers and agriculture dealers. By word of mouth, Ag trade shows, advertising, and many miles of one on one, their business continues to grow and be successful. Helping farmers with their over-all plant health, soil conditions and increasing yields while being cost-effective is AgFertilizers’ goal.

What Sets Us Apart

Product Variety: 95%
Fast Delivery Services: 90%
Local Sales Reps: 75%