An effective solution to improve Phosphorus efficiency.

Product Description

AgXplore International announces their newest product,Prevent Phosphate Management Aid.

Prevent is an effective solution to improve phosphorous efficiency and plant uptake.

Prevent is formulated to address phosphorous loss on a molecular level,” stated Barry Aycock, CEO of AgXplore.  “The loss of phosphorus is due to the positive charge of calcium, magnesium, iron and aluminum in the soil, water and fertilizer” he continued.  “Preventimproves the availability of phosphorus by attaching to the positive charged elements in the soil,” said Aycock.

Prevent utilizes the super absorbent polymer “CrossLink Technology” to maximize crop quality and yield.  It mixes easily with pre-plant, starter or side-dressed liquid fertilizers to protect phosphate from tying up with other elements.  When Prevent is added to dry phosphate fertilizer, it improves overall plant uptake by keeping phosphorous more available.

Misti McBride, Director of Marketing says “We are proud to introduce Prevent to our dealers, distributors and growers.  This is just one of the many simple solutions we offer to the real challenges in the field.

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