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SYNURGIZE will enhance the herbicide activity of certain post-emergence herbicides when used at the proper rate. SYNURGIZE is a proprietary blend of high quality anionic and nonionic surfactants (phosphate ester of polyglycols) and ammonium salts. When used at recommended rates, SYNURGIZE can increase the performance of those herbicides which are recommended to be used with ammonium based Nitrogen. The added herbicide performanceproduced by the useof SYNURGIZE may be more apparent in situations of environmental stress.

Please contact your local AgXplore dealer and/or sales representative for detailed application rate and timing information. Always read and follow label directions when using any AgXplore International, Inc.product.

When your herbicide calls for a AMS replacement, use SYNURGIZE. No more dry AMS. SYNURGIZE is a complete liquid surfactant with drift control and de-foamer. User-Friendly, Non-Corrosive and Low Use Rate 1-2 quarts per 100 gallons of water. Contact us and get SYNURGIZE to your farm.

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Principal Functioning Agents

Alkylopolyglycosides, Defoamers and Nonionic Coupling Agents

Inert Ingredients

Belnd of Ammonium Salts